Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO

Picture of stylish Retro car Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO Retro model

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO presented in 1958 at the Motor Show in London. Letters DB nothing like the initials of the new owner of Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO, David Brown, a prominent industrialist who bought the company in 1947

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO stylish retro car

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO Classic car

The Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO received a brand new aluminum engine L6 working volume of 3.7 liter, dual overhead camshafts. This aggregate capacity of 240 horsepower was designed designer Tadek Marek. Machine were equipped with disc brakes of Dunlop and later Girling. Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO offered a choice of two options, transmissions, five-speed manual and three-speed automatic

Image of Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO, classic car, retro car, vintage model

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO  Vintage model

Special attention is given body. First “envelope” for the Aston Martin designed a “native” studio Tickford. This time looks engaged Milanese Carrozzeria Touring. Stylish and fast paced, body built on the ultra-modern technology for those years, the frame was made of thin steel tubes, and then sheathed with aluminum. This design makes it very light, so the car would add significantly to the dynamics. Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and overcame stokilometrovuyu mark within six seconds

Exotic model Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO, classic model Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO Luxury old car

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO enjoyed great success, but despite its popularity, the company needed a sophisticated model that can compete with the Ferrari 250 GT. So, in 1959, there was a strong 302-DB4 GT. Externally it differed closed fairing headlights and air intakes on the bonnet

Picture of exotic retro car Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO in red color

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO Stylish model

At this improvement is not over. To “catch up» Ferrari, Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO was subjected to the new changes. To this end, attracted well-known Milanese bodywork firm Zagato, through which the car has become more streamlined and aggressive. Steel body parts have been replaced by aluminum, bumpers removed, instead of glass inserted lightweight perspex. Thanks to this machine’s weight dropped to 40 pounds, and the special racing weight of the samples was reduced by another 50 pounds. Slightly increased and the power of the engine, now it was 314 forces

Interior picture of exotic Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO, leather seats, dashboard

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO Interior picture

Retro model of Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO, classic car, vintage model

Aston Martin DB4GT ZAGATO Side view

Despite the relatively limited success in sports, Aston Martin DB4 was considered one of the best cars in the class of Gran Turismo. There were 1,185 copies produced in this series. Modification of the Aston Martin DB4 GT was produced from 1959 to 1963 and left in an amount of 75 pieces. The fastest version – Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato appeared in 1959, including nineteen copies

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Picture of red roadster Alfa Romeo Giulietta, classic car, retro car

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Retro Roadster

Alfa Romeo Giulietta was presented to the public at the Turin Motor Show in 1954. This model earned the company a huge success. She led the company from the postwar crisis and Alfa Romeo won the second largest producer of automobiles in Italy after the Fiat. Thanks Alfa Romeo Giulietta total sales of stamps increased by several times.
Double body design was developed by Carrozzeria Bertone. In April 1955, came four-door sedan, a body which was completely developed at the Alfa Romeo “.

Picture of blue model Alfa Romeo Giulietta, stylish retro model, vintage car

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Vintage model

The basic version of Alfa Romeo Giulietta equipped with four-cylinder inline engine with aluminum cylinder heads, hemispherical combustion chambers and dual overhead camshafts. Working volume is 1290 cubic centimeters capacity of 65 horsepower. Rear-wheel drive and all wheel independent suspension, combined with low weight (900 lbs), Alfa Romeo Giulietta powerful enough engine and five-speed manual gearbox makes the car a dynamic and well managed

Picture of red Alfa Romeo Giulietta, classic model, vintage car

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Classic car

Later styles complemented the two double Convertible Spider and Spider Veloce with bodies atelier «Pininfarina». They used the same engine, but with less weight dynamic performance has been improved.
In 1961 he appeared with the sedan variant – «TI» (Turismo Internazionale), this car became the most popular among the “Juliet” from 1961 to 1964 collected more than 50,000 copies.

Alfa Romeo GiuliettaIn 1957, there was the famed Sprint Speciale which produced until 1962. This is a coupe with a body of «Bertone» built on a shortened platform of Giulietta, stand on it serial engine volume 1.3 liters, the power of which was adjusted to 100 horsepower! When the mass of 975 kg vehicle was accelerated to a maximum of 200 km / h

Alfa Romeo 1900

Picture of retro model Alfa Romeo 1900, stylish retro car

Alfa Romeo 1900 Exotic model

In 1950, Alfa Romeo introduced a new high-speed car – Alfa Romeo 1900. This stylish sports sedan has been created to fill a vacant niche in the middle class. The new model Alfa Romeo 1900 has been very successful in technical terms, and became a great commercial success for Alfa Romeo.

Picture of Stylish car Alfa Romeo 1900, exotic model Alfa Romeo 1900

Alfa Romeo 1900 Vintage car

Simple and functional capacity of the body differed, and the Alfa Romeo 1900‘s design was typical of the trends of the time. Alfa Romeo 1900 – the first car company, built entirely on the production line. At the Alfa Romeo 1900 th was a four-cylinder engine with two camshafts, cylinder capacity of which was 1884 cm3. With the help of a family sedan can accelerate to 150 km / h. Soon a series of enriched coupe and convertible Alfa Romeo 1900

Alfa Romeo 1900 stylish model, exotic car, retro model

Alfa Romeo 1900 Classic model

Compartments were designated Sprint, and convertibles – Spider. Series of Alfa Romeo 1900 had a lot of modifications, designed for different categories of buyers, mostly in amateur sports car: Super, Ti Super, Primavera, Sprint, Super Sprint and Super Sprint-C, these modifications were fitted with engines for maximum power, which were able to disperse up to 180 cars – 200 km / h

Picture of Alfa Romeo 1900, Alfa Romeo classic model, retro car

Alfa Romeo 1900 Retro car

The success of theAlfa Romeo 1900 model at a sporting event such as the Tour de France, Stella Alpina, Targa Florio and others, but added the company’s popularity. The advertising slogan says – “a family car that wins races.” During the production of Alfa Romeo 1900 (from 1950 to 1959) were produced 21,304 cars Alfa Romeo 1900

Datsun 240Z

Vintage model Datsun 240Z, stylish retro car Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z Sports car

Sports coupe Datsun 240Z was born in 1969. The machine was intended for U.S. car market. The founder of the American branch of Yutaka Katayama convinced management of Nissan in need of such a model. Official presentation of the new two-seater sports car Datsun 240Z held in New York in October 1969. Originally, the car would be called Fairlady, but fearing that the name is not accepted in America, limited numbered – Datsun 240Z.

Picture of exotic model Datsun 240Z, sports model Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z Tuning

The exterior design in Datsun 240Z has been very successful, he was executed in classical style and reminded «Jaguar E-Type.” Technical stuffing also commands respect. Independent suspension with struts “McPherson” and stabilizer bars, copied from the “Lotus-Elan, provide excellent car driving performance. Datsun 240Z Straight six-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft with a working volume of 2,4 liters capacity developed 151 horsepower. Datsun 240Z Coupe weighing 1,068 pounds were dispersed to 208 km / h and stokilometrovuyu mark from the place reached in nine seconds

Classic model car Datsun 240Z, luxury retro car Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z exotic car

In 1974 he appeared four-seat coupe 2 +2 extended to thirty centimeters a body fitted with a 2.6 liter engine, this car received index 260Z. In 1976-77, the released version of Datsun 240Z with engine capacity of 2.8 liters. In 1978 appeared the last modification Datsun 240Z issued before 1983, with the new engine of 2.8 liter and automatic transmission. Datsun 240Z

Picture of sports model Datsun 240Z, fast car, racing model Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z racing car

Interior picture of Datsun 240Z, dashboard, seats, interior

Datsun 240Z interior view

Datsun 240Z has become incredibly popular car in the seventies of last century. In many ways, this contributed to its value, which was lower than that of similar vehicles. Total until 1979 was released over half a million cars a series of Datsun 240Z

Picture of rally model Datsun 240Z, Datsun 240z modified for rally

Datsun 240Z Rally car

Picture of limited edition Datsun 240Z, classic sports car

Datsun 240Z Limited Edition

Datsun 240Z


Picture of classic MG TF, retro car MG TF, stylish model

MG TF Classic model

In 1953, the company has released the last of the MG TF – roadster MG TF, which replaced the «TD».MG TF differs from its predecessors, the new sloping front grille, a lower hood line and stylish headlamps framing.

Picture of green classic model MG TF, retro model MG TF, vintage car MG TF

MG TF Retro car

Appearance of  MG TF, as the technical component of those times have been considered obsolete, that did not contribute to the popularity of the model MG TF. Double car was under the hood is the same inline four-cylinder engine capacity of 1,250 cubic centimeters capacity of 57 horses. ” No changes have shifted to a new model of car and other sites, including the four-manual gearbox MG TF

Pcture of white roadster MG TF, classic MG TF roadster, vintage model MG TF

MG TF Vintage model

Since 1954 MG TF began to produce a polutoralitrovym engine, developing 63 power at 5500 rpm. The car has received index MG TF 1500″. With the new motor dynamics improved slightly – to disperse hundreds began to take 15.3 seconds and a top speed of 137 km / h. V1955, the roadster MG TF replaced the new model – MG TF. And just two years of production, from 1953 to 1955, 9,600 cars were produced

White classic model MG TF, retro model roadster MG TF, picture of MG TF

MG TF Roadster

Retro model MG TF, green classic model MG TF, stylish old car MG TF

MG TF Luxury car

Picture of red vintage model MG TF, classic model MG TF, retro car MG TF

MG TF Luxury Roadster


Picture of MG TD Mark II, classic Model MG TD Mark II, MG TD Mark II Roadster

MG TD Mark II Roadster

In 1949, to replace the MG TD Mark II to a more perfect and comfortable model MG TD Mark II. Design remained the same, but the main changes were technical stuffing. Due to the strong body and an independent front suspension, the movement of the car was comfortable.MG TD Mark II Motor and gear box were identical to the previous model.

MG TD Mark II luxury car, classic car, vintage model MG TD Mark II

MG TD Mark II Classic model

But in order to maintain the momentum of the heavier versions of machines used in the transmission of other gear ratios. Also, in accordance with the established safety rules at the time at MG TD Mark II installed front and rear bumpers.MG TD Mark II

Picture of MG TD Mark II stylish model, vintage model MG TD Mark II

MG TD Mark II Retro model

A year later came the variant with uprated to 57 power engine and the car received index MG TD Mark II. This engine featured an upgraded cylinder head, higher compression ratio and the increased size of the carbs.MG TD Mark II

MG TD Mark II classic model car, Stylsih retro car, vintage car

MG TD Mark II Classic car

Model MG TD Mark II had an even bigger success than its predecessor and for four years, production has sold nearly thirty thousand copies, of which almost twenty thousand were exported to the United States.MG TD Mark II

Picture of retro model roadster MG TD Mark II, Vintage roadster MG TD Mark II

MG TD Mark II Vintage model

Picture of exotic MG TD Mark II, stylish roadster, MG TD Mark II luxury car

MG TD Mark II Stylish car


Picture of MG TC retro model, MG TC exotic car, roadster

MG TC Classic car

In 1945, the British firm “Em Gee» (MG Morris Garage – «automobile workshops of Morris“) has submitted a lightweight sports car – MG TC. This car became the first postwar model of the company, but actually differed little from its pre-war predecessor – rear-wheel drive MG «TB». Double body type roadster has become wider, and a new dashboard.MG TC

Picture of exotic MG TC, vintage model MG TC, classic roadster MG TC

MG TC Retro model

MG TC frame was made of wood, the floor – plywood, wood was made and the partition separating the cabin from the engine compartment. MG TC New model inherited from its predecessor in-line four-cylinder engine of 1.3 liter capacity of 54 horsepower and four-stage gear box. MG TC Low-power enough to completely dynamic driving, because of the small car’s weight – 834 pounds.

MG TC rear view picture, MG TC luxury retro car, vintage model MG TC

MG TC Roadster

MG TC Acceleration up to a hundred miles an hour took almost 23 seconds and a top speed of 125 km / h. And although the MG TC is a revival of prewar models «TB», the new model has received very successful. MG TC In its four years of production, from 1945 to 1949, was released ten thousand double roadster

Picture of sports model MG TC, vintage car MG TC, sports model MG TC

MG TC Vintage model

Picture of retro model MG TC, stylish classic car MG TC

MG TC Sports model


Picture of classic model MG-MGA, Exotic car MG-MGA, luxury MG

MG-MGA Vintage model

In 1955, the company introduced a brand new MG roadster «MGA», which became the replacement for the obsolete series – “T”. MG-MGA creating a new model of development used car MG, which is created specifically to participate in a 24-hour race at Le Mans.
«MGA» had a solid spar frame of box section profiles, independent front suspension wishbone suspension and springs, one-piece beam rear axle on leaf springs and rack and pinion steering.MG-MGA

Picture of white MG-MGA, Mg roadster, Classic model

MG-MGA Retro model

Many details of the undercarriage MG-MGA were unchanged borrowed from other machines corporation British Motors, which included the company and MG, had a positive impact on the price of the car. Engine cylinder capacity of 1489 cm3 with two-barrel carburetor developed a capacity 72-horse power and worked with a mechanical four-speed gearbox. MG-MGA Sleek two-seater sports body, with rapid lines, looking very stylish and elegant.

Retro model MG-MGA, MG-MGA vintage model, luxury car

MG-MGA Classic car

The main part of produced MG-MGA exported to the North American market. But American consumers a stylish addition to the exterior would have an even more powerful engine. MG-MGA first option roadster really lacked power and speed, so the standard engine produces its maximum speed of 153 km / h and accelerated up to hundreds for 15.1 seconds. MG-MGA In 1958 there was a racing version of the «Twin Cam», with the engine, equipped with two overhead camshafts.MG-MGA

MG-MGA classic red car, vintage model MG-MGA roadster, exotic car MG

MG-MGA Roadster

Capacity of the new motor  MG-MGA was already one hundred and ten forces, and the maximum speed of the car has increased to 180 km / h. Outwardly, this modification can be distinguished only by the inscriptions «Twin Cam» on the trunk and hood, as well as special wheels. MG-MGA Unfortunately, the new engine was shortlived and in 1960 this version was removed from production.MG-MGA

Red colored MG-MGA, Picture of MG-MGA roadster, stylish retro car, MG-MGA  model

MG-MGA Convertible

In May 1959 there was a modification «MGA – 1600 MKI» MG-MGA with 1,6-liter eighty-horsepower engine. Two years later, on a version of MGA Mark II, this engine has already developed 93 horsepower.
«MGA» was issued prior to 1962 in a body such as a roadster or coupe. MG-MGA Style and competitive price determined the success of this car is now available in an amount of nearly one hundred thousand copies

Picture of Luxury roadster MG-MGA, Mg classic model car, Stylish MG-MGA

MG-MGA Retro car

Picture of vintage roadster MG-MGA, luxury designed MG-MGA model

MG-MGA Classic Retro model

Ferrari Mondial

Picture of classic red Ferrari Mondial, sports model ferrari, classic car ferrari

Ferrari Mondial Sports model

Actually we are all Ferrari drivers. Ferrari Mondial Many of us probably only in spirit. Some in the dream. But few in everyday life. Ferrari Mondial Who wants to go again as the great Schumacher to work, but unfortunately not as wealthy as the multiple world champion, is found quickly on the used car place again. Indeed: Again, there are Ferrari, albeit less frequently than Opel Astra. At the bottom of the list price quoted by Mondial, a four-seater. Four-seater? Yes, even if it is not just looking at the flat silhouette. A bestseller, he still was never such a thing rather like a wallflower from Maranello. Ferrari Mondial Too little sporty, the merciless verdict of the fans. Into serious collections he made it hard, he was always the Ferrari for beginners. Before the start is recommended, however, to demonstrate the necessary maturity. If you have never had a used car from Italy, it should only try once with an old AlfaFerrari Mondial

Picture of luxury model Ferrari Mondial, sports model Ferrari Mondial, special edition Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial Luxury model

Who then really still feel like, in a vulnerable – though beautiful – to invest ? 30,000 vehicle and it best to get a ticket to the realm of the workshops should not hesitate. Lastly, the Mondial quite fun.Ferrari Mondial Maybe not at the traffic lights, where in times of diesel direct injection TDI, every well-chipped a serious opponent. But the neighborhood suspected determines a lottery win.Ferrari Mondial

Classic Ferrari Mondial, luxury Model Ferrari Mondial, exotic car Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial Classic model

Some people like this is due no later than when the timing belt replacement, worth a successful lottery participation. About 4500 ? the repair costs, and this should save any. Ferrari Mondialbelt really pulls namely in the absence of maintenance. If you miss the point, must suffer: At our request could not name a price Ferrari Germany, although for a replacement engine, a gift is not expected yet.Ferrari Mondial The prices for brakes can imagine it already: this car is not for people who have yet to think of retirement. Rather generous use of money is required. Ferrari MondialThose who feel they are that expensive replacement parts keep long, opts for a better Porsche 911 Unlike the Ferrari confirms the fact that ordinary table wisdom.Ferrari Mondial

Image of Ferrari Mondial, racing model ferrari, Ferrari Mondial exotic car

Ferrari Mondial Front view

Other prejudices, the Ferrari Mondial but do justice. For example: cars from Italy to rust quickly. The prevention of corrosion has been left at the Ferrari Mondial the customer, and only a few previous owner had an open ear for it. And it bums in all cavities, an endoscopy would show true horror pictures. Ferrari Mondial The sheet does indeed deserve a close examination, especially accident-free is on the wish list.Ferrari Mondial A defective motor can replace each brand’s workshop, but a heavy rear damage means a death sentence for the Ferrari Mondial . Of course, one could also rant about the shoddy interior and processing in comparison with that of the Fiat Panda. But what looks like a real Ferrarists not, he is looking forward more to the exhaust sound.

Picture of Yellow sports car Ferrari Mondial, Ferrari Mondial classic model , luxury car

Ferrari Mondial In Yellow Color

Therefore, the conclusion to our buying advice: If you forfeit the Ferrari virus attacks, better deeper into their pockets, to buy a 348 or 355th Although the cost is often twice that of a Ferrari Mondial, but are worth far more stable and solid. The other option, a popular Alfa for everyday use and occasional self-reward the weekend a Ferrari owner. From Ferrari Mondial advise we need – even if it hurts ourselves.
History, weaknesses, costs
Model history • 1980 Presentation of the Ferrari Mondial Coupe at the Geneva Salon. V8 mid-engine, Bosch Jetronic, body design by Pininfarina • 1982 Presentation of the Quattrovalvole (240 HP) • 1984 Ferrari brings the Ferrari Mondial cabriolet with a 3.2 liter displacement and 270 horsepower • 1989 Ferrari Mondial T with longitudinal rather than transverse engine, 3.4-V8 , 300 HP • 1991 The Convertible gets an automatic clutch from Valeo • 1993 End of Production

Interiro picture of Ferrari Mondial, ferrari leather seats, ferrari dashboard

Ferrari Mondial Interior View

Vulnerabilities • Ferrari Mondial electrical and ignition can paralyze the Ferrari, the troubleshooting is even professionals are not always easy •Ferrari Mondial whether longitudinal or transverse engine: Stable oil loss in the drivetrain is more the rule than the exception, this applies also to increased oil consumption • Ferrari Mondial the brake system with sports procedure for regular pit stops • Ferrari Mondial The exhaust system should definitely original and rust free • Beware of rust, Ferrari Mondial was very inadequately protected • Ferrari Mondial timing belt replacement, the entire engine can be expanded, this work will cost about 4500 ?. If you want to save here can be medium to look for a replacement engine chassis • Ferrari Mondial bearings are usually brittle with age

Classic convertible model Ferrari Mondial, sports model ferrari, Ferrari Mondial luxury car

Ferrari Mondial Roadster

Repair costs Prices include all taxes without working on the example Ferrari Mondial 3.2, 199 kW/270 hp, 1985. The rates for work hours are very different, even Ferrari has Unfortunately Germany to quote prices for motor and gearbox.Ferrari Mondial

Luxury car Ferrari Mondial, Picture of Ferrari Mondial in red color, sports model ferrari

Ferrari Mondial Exotic car

Ferrari Testarossa

Picture of Ferrari Testarossa, Luxury model Ferarri, ferarri sports car

Ferrari Testarossa Sports model

The Ferrari TestaRossa was in 1984 as a successor to the 512BB in production. Its name, red head, refers to the typical crinkle paint with the red painted cylinder heads.Ferrari Testarossa

Luxury Ferrari Testarossa, sports model ferrari tesrarosa, image of Ferarri

Ferrari Testarossa Classic model

The performance of the 4.9-liter V12 mid-engine of the Ferrari Testarossa is 390 hp. In 1991, the model was modified and subsequently received the designation 512 TR. In particular, the power of the Ferrari Testarossa was increased to 428 hp, the body was little changed. Ferrari Testarossa The striking radiator vents on the sides and rear remained largely unaffected. Other changes were made at Ferrari Testarossa1994 result was the Ferrari 512 M (for modificato) with a power that has been increased to 440 hp. Ferrari TestarossaThe acceleration from 0 to 100 km / H is this level in just 4.6 seconds with a top speed of around 315 km / h.Ferrari Testarossa

Exotic model Ferrari Testarossa, Luxury sports car Ferarri, racing model ferrari testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa rear view

In October 1984, in Paris for the first time a ball is shown sporty coupe Ferrari Testarossa. Translated from the Italian word “Ferrari Testarossa” means “red head”, as the cylinder head of the power unit had been painted red. In the manufacture of body Ferrari Testarossa is widely used in plastic and aluminum. Ferrari Testarossa engine had a fuel injector K Jetronic from Bosch and the ignition system Magnetti Marelli Microplex.Ferrari Testarossa

Picture of red Ferrari Testarossa, classic model ferrari, exotic model ferrari testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa Luxury model

Manual transmission with five speeds in a Ferrari Testarossa was fastened in the rear axle. Internal trim Ferrari Testarossa ball is made in a luxurious style than his predecessor, Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. There are new seats, Momo leather steering wheel and a new instrument panel. As a result of modernization of the 1991 Ferrari Testarossa has a new name Ferrari 512 TR Ferrari Testarossa

picture of yellow convertible Ferrari Testarossa, ferrari sports model

Ferrari Testarossa roadster

Picture of black sports car Ferrari Testarossa, exotic model Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa Stylish car

Sports model Ferrari Testarossa, classic model ferrari

Ferrari Testarossa

Picture of exotic model Ferrari Testarossa, luxury model Ferarri testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa side view

Interior picture of Ferrari Testarossa, leather seats, dashboard, ferrari design

Ferrari Testarossa interior picture

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