1957 Chevrolet El Morocco

1957 Model of luxury roadster-Chevrolet El Morocco, convertible retro car

1957 Chevrolet El Morocco, Classic car in Show room

It is believed that only ten hardtop sedans were created, two hardtop coupes, and two convertibles bringing the total to sixteen. In modern times, only two from each of these bodystyles are known to exist, bringing this total to six. The primary reason for the low production numbers was the $800 conversion price which moved it too far out of reach for most consumers. It was too close to the base price for a Cadillac, plus it is believed that a profit was never made on the El Morocco.

1957 model of luxury red roadster Chevrolet El Morocco, american retro car

1957 Chevrolet El Morocco stylish retro car

The Chevrolet El Morocco are among the rarest Chevrolet‘s ever built, with only ten created in 1956 and 16 in 1957. They were built in a few different bodystyles including a two and four door hardtops, and convertibles with some created from aluminum and others from steel.

It was the first time an outside contractor had designed and built a customized Chevrolet model which was later sold as a new car with a full factory warranty.

Picture of classic 1957 car-Chevrolet El Morocco, American retro car

1957 Chevrolet El Morocco American retro car

The first cars were created in 1956 on Chevrolet platforms and designed to resemble the 1955 and 1956 Cadillac Eldorado. The name ‘El Morocco‘ was from a popular Manhattan night club and had similarities to the name ‘El Dorado’.

The 1956 El Moroco’s featured body panels made of fiberglass. A host of trim parts and designed were borrowed from Willys, Dodge and Kaiser-Frazer to complete the package. The result was well received and given a base price of around $3250.

Cadillac introduced their Eldorado Brougham, not in spite or in competition with the El Morocco, but Allender felt the need to create a new El Morocco to emulate the new Brougham. Problems with the fiberglass body production for the 1956 cars led to the use of steel for the 1957 models. This required comprehensive metalwork changes, including removing and filling the 1957′s rocket hood spears with steel, and welding on the steel rear tail-fin extensions.

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